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    3 reasons to consider using home heating oil additives

    We all rely on our boiler so much, so doesn’t it make sense to protect it as much as possible to keep it working as it should? Thankfully, it’s not hard to do this. Home heating oil additives are the simple answer. They have so many benefits for your tank, your fuel lines and your boiler, so there are lots of reasons to consider using home heating oil additives every time you get your tank topped up. Find out more about these reasons in our post below.

    What do heating oil additives do?

    Heating oil additives are added to your tank before an oil delivery (so that they mix well with the heating oil once the tank is topped up) and they help to keep your tank and fuel lines clean, reduce water and condensation build up and stabilise your home heating oil in your tank (which is helpful if you have a large tank with oil stored in it for a long time before being used).

    1. Cleaner burn: Many home heating oil additives contain biocides which treat bacterial growth and build up in your oil tank, which can lead to bad smells and deterioration of your fuel. You can even get additives which are scented to add a nicer smell to your boiler. They work to improve your overall heating system efficiency in between boiler servicing, and you also benefit from improved fuel consumption rates.
    1. Reduce risks of problems with your heating system (and costly repairs): One of the key features of home heating oil additives is their ability to reduce deposit build up in your tank, and reduce sludge formation (which can build up at the bottom of your tank over time). If these contaminants make their way to your fuel lines and your boiler they clog everything up, reducing the efficiency and perhaps even breaking down altogether, which can be a costly problem to fix.
    1. Keep your fuel fresh: If you store your oil for a long time in your tank, you can use heating oil additives to keep it fresh, and it also stabilises the fuel against outside environmental factors.

    When would you need to use home heating oil additives?

    If you’ve noticed any of the following issues, it might be time to consider using home heating oil additives:

    • Build up of sludge, dirt, water and other impurities in your tank
    • If your boiler engineer services your heating system and notes that the fuel lines are clogged
    • You seem to be using more fuel than usual (your system is no working as efficiently as it could be)

    It is important to note that if you have noticed problems with your boiler that home heating oil additives may not be the cure-all you’re hoping for. It’s always best to get your boiler service properly and follow the advice given by your engineer. Don’t forget to add your additives before your next top up of home heating oil, which you can order anytime from us online.