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    7 ways to keep your house warm without blasting the heat

    With the inclement weather in Ireland, we’re always trying to think of ways to beat the chill, and make the most of any ray of sunshine, however rare that might be! When it’s chilly outside, your first instinct is to turn on or turn up the heat, but when you’re trying to make savings wherever you can, it’s not always the most economical option. Here are a few things you can try instead to keep your house warm, without resorting to turning up the heat.

    # 1 Move your furniture        

    If your bed or sofa is blocking a radiator, then your room is not getting the full benefit of any heating when it’s switched on. Rearranging your furniture to promote better air flow around the room can do wonders for keeping you and house warm without having to increase the number of hours your heating is on, or turning up the thermostat. Moving the furniture around is also good for getting your blood pumping which will also keep you warm.

    # 2 Seal the chimney

    If you have an open fire that you never use, you can seal the chimney with a chimney balloon, which will stop all your lovely heating from floating up, up and away and instead keep it firmly in the room you intended it for. These chimney balloons are not expensive, but if you wanted to take it one step further, you can always have your chimney capped to stop any unwanted heat loss.

    # 3 Open the door

    Normally, you read advice about keeping the doors closed when you want to keep the heat in, and we’d be inclined to agree with you! In this instance however, we’re talking about keeping your oven door open after you’re done cooking, to let the heat circulate around the kitchen and neighbouring rooms. Be mindful of pets and small children though if you are trying this tip out.

    # 4 Let the light in

    During the (infrequent) sunshine spells during the day, make the most of them by letting the sunshine flood your rooms to warm them naturally. Pull back the curtains and blinds, just make sure you close them again when it comes to nightfall so that you don’t lose any more heat through small cracks around your windows and sills.

    # 5 Layers on your floors

    It’s been a strong interior trend in Ireland for the past 10 years to pull up carpets and replaces them with wooden floors and tiles. Wooden and tile floors may look nice, but they aren’t great at keeping your feet warm if they aren’t properly insulated. If you absolutely hate carpet, and floor insulation is too expensive, try adding thick rugs instead to really make a difference to the cosiness of your home with relatively little expense or inconvenience to you.

    # 6 Foil panels

    Adding foil reflective panels to the back of your radiator helps to redirect heat back into the room instead of up towards the window where it can be easily lost. This is one trick that has a big impact pretty quickly, so you don’t need to blast your heating to really feel the benefit of it.

    # 7 Find the draughts

    Go on a mission to seek out those drafts and stop them once and for all! Armed with a draft excluder (you know, the type you used to make in school?) and a caulk gun you can work your way around every room and reseal any gaps that might be causing you to feel cold and waste money on heating.

    Of course, these tips are great for keeping your house warm for relatively little expense, but when you just have no alternative and need to turn the heating on, make sure it’s using home heating oil, as this is still one of the most cost effective ways to heat your home in Ireland.