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    5 regrets you’ll have about not choosing oil for your home heating

    When you’re considering the best way to heat your home this winter, there are a lot of people who will be quick to give you their opinion on what you should do. We might be a bit biased, but we’re here to tell you that home heating oil is your best option, and there are so many advantages to using it! There are a lot of naysayers out there who will be quick to point out the supposed flaws of oil, but a lot of these concerns are actually not even founded in truth or reason. Here are some of the biggest regrets we think you’ll have about not choosing oil for your home heating…:

    1. Taking advantage of it when it’s so affordable

    Oil is one of the most affordable ways to heat your home at the minute, with the cost of a barrel recently reaching an 8 year low. Thankfully, these savings have been passed on to the end consumer, which isn’t the same with other sources of heating like natural gas. While natural gas might have been cheaper to buy in the past, oil is definitely the more affordable option now, and it looks set to be like this for a while as the main producers show no signs of slowing down production.

    1. Thinking it won’t last forever

    You might have heard in the news recently that one of the reasons oil is so affordable at the minute is because there is an oversupply of it, and none of the world’s largest oil producers seem keen to slow down any time soon. There are also new discoveries of oil all the time, so the scaremongers who proclaimed that home heating oil was running out soon have in fact been proved very wrong, which should be added peace of mind for you. Knowing that you’re choosing an option that will keep you and your family warm for the foreseeable future will never be something you regret.

    1. Thinking that it’s a pain to have installed or to maintain

    Looking after your oil tank might sound like hard work, but as long as you keep it secure with a lock, and keep an eye on it during bad weather to made sure the pipes are protected you really won’t be troubled by it. Some people find that it takes up too much space in their garden, however careful placement of your tank during installation can help you make sure you still get the most use out of your garden.

    1. Thinking that it’s dirty fuel

    Knowledge of global warming and environmental concerns has a lot of us thinking about the various ways in which we impact the environment. As a result of this, biofuels are available to make cleaner fuels that are better for the environment without significantly increasing the cost. The fuel you buy at petrol stations in Ireland will already have some biodiesel assed to it too, and fuel suppliers increase the amount of biofuel content in their fuel each year, so you don’t have to regret driving your car and impacting the environment.

    1. Believing there are more efficient ways to heat your home

    You might have heard other people tell you that gas is better at heating your home, or that home heating oil is inefficient, however you will regret believing this as it’s simply not true! Oil boilers can disperse heat around your home very quickly, and this means they require less fuel to run. You can also rely on your own supply of oil which will be stored safely in your tank, instead of relying on the natural gas line mains which could be interrupted periodically due to capacity constraints, high system demands, testing and other emergency situations.