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    5 reasons why you should order oil in the next 5 days

    There are lots of things we like to spend our money on, like new clothes, going out, holidays or new cars. How much do you spend on home heating oil, or (be honest!) do you even give it a second thought? We thought so! We are here to change your mind and get you to think about how you heat your house, and so, here are 5 reasons why you should order oil in the next 5 days.

    Reason 1: You’re running out

    This is the most obvious and practical reason to re-order home heating oil – and while we’re on the subject, when was the last time you checked? Don’t just give the tank a thump and listen for a hollow sound – this isn’t accurate at all. Instead, use the manual sight gauge if there is one, and check it regularly to monitor your oil consumption. If this sound like too much effort, why not use our Planned Delivery service instead?

    Reason 2: It’s a great price – take advantage of it now

    We all love to get a great deal, so when we see an offer we’re more likely to jump at the chance. Right now, heating oil is a great price – but there’s no telling how long this will last for. Market conditions, economic factors, relationships with oil producing countries and the weather all have a factor to play in setting the price of a barrel of oil, so take advantage of favourable conditions now to top up your oil tank for a bargain price.

    Reason 3: One more thing off your mind

    Think about your to do list today – leave kids to school, get to work, prep for your meeting, catch up on the rest of your emails, pick kids up from school, buy groceries, take dog to vet, buy birthday present for party tomorrow… oh yeah – buying oil was supposed to be in there too! Ordering oil now is just one less thing on your list – so don’t put it off or forget about it until it’s too late and you completely run out.

    Reason 4: Get it delivered now

    When we buy things online, quite often it can be disappointing how long we have to wait until we receive our stuff – the best you can hope for is if it’s delivered while you’re out a friendly neighbour will keep it safe until you get home. With a nationwide network in Ireland however, Emo can deliver oil speedily to any address – that’s the beauty of a rapid delivery service you can rely on.

    Reason 5: Can’t rely on the weather

    It would be nice to think that we could rely on a gorgeous summer to keep us warm without having to put the heating on, but sadly if the start of spring has been any indication it seems unlikely! With snow and hail sweeping the province in the middle of April, it doesn’t feel like this will turn around any time soon. In fact, this forecast predicts that the summer will be “cool, wet and unsettled with no prolonged heatwaves”. How disappointing!

    Need more convincing? Why not talk to us today and order your next delivery of home heating oil without delay.