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    5 heating hurdles homeowners face and how to solve them

    Owning a home can be a stressful undertaking, but here at, we think that heating your home should never be a cause for anxiety. With that in mind, we like to make things as easy as possible for our customers to come home to a warm and cosy house. Here are 5 heating hurdles homeowners face and how to solve them, brought to you by the experts in great value home heating oil in Ireland.

    1. Knowing when to order

    Many homeowners take a bit of a gamble when it comes to knowing when to order oil. Do you regularly monitor your oil usage? Do you have an electronic gauge fitted? Being better prepared when it comes to your home heating oil habits means you can order it in plenty of time. If you know that you normally need to buy oil twice a year, make a note of these months on the calendar on your phone or your work diary so that you know it’s coming up soon. Remember that you’ll be more likely to use oil during the colder months, so you might find that your two top ups occur in the same half of the year.

    1. Running out of oil

    Running out of home heating oil at the worst possible time is surely one of the biggest heating hurdles homeowners face, but thankfully it’s easily solved with You can overcome this problem with minimal effort by signing up to our Planned Delivery service, and let us take care of everything for you – we’ll monitor your usage and arrange a delivery all without you having to do a thing. We’ll also text you or email you before the delivery to let you know it’s on the way.

    1. When’s the best time to buy?

    Like any other discerning homeowner, you’ll want to know you’re getting a good deal on your home heating oil. With other household products, you know there’s normally a good time to buy certain things – like summer or January sales, however with home heating oil it’s not that clear cut. As the prices fluctuate on a daily basis, the cost of heating oil varies throughout the year, meaning there’s no one time better than another. Rest assured that we always pass on as many savings as we can to our customers when the prices fluctuate.

    1. Protecting your oil from theft

    Protecting your home from intruders is easy – a sturdy front door, an alarm system, maybe even CCTV, but do you have the same level of protection for your oil tank? Perhaps going to the same extent is overkill, however there are definitely a few simple things you can do to protect your investment, like fitting a lock or an alarm which sounds when your oil drops below a certain level (good for identifying if it has drastically reduced in a short period of time).

    1. Paying for oil securely

    Pay for your home heating oil securely online when you order with us, or sign up for a handy monthly direct debit so that you never have to worry about an unexpected bill again. This system makes it much more economical and efficient to manage your household’s home heating oil costs – just another common hurdle overcome thanks to the team at