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    5 habits of energy efficient homeowners

    Do you feel like there’s more you could be doing to save energy at home? You’re not alone. Many of us get stuck in a bit of a rut, and find that we can’t make savings as easily as we thought when it comes to our homes and energy usage. However, help is at hand with these 5 habits of energy efficient homeowners, to help get you back on track to saving energy and more importantly, saving money on your home heating expenses.

    Switching off

    You should start trying to get into the habit of switching things off at the wall or unplugging them when you’re not using them. Things like the TV or computer are the biggest culprits – who needs that little red light letting you know it’s on standby? Or your phone charger left plugged in all night – when your phone is charged in a couple of hours, what else are you doing except wasting energy? Leaving lights on in a room when you leave it benefits no one. Time to change those energy habits and switch everything off.

    Making the most of the great outdoors

    Did your granny ever use the expression, “That’s a good drying day?” You might have inwardly groaned at the time, but she made a lot of sense! One of the more clever habits of energy efficient homeowners is that they won’t waste money on tumble dryers when you can use the warmer weather to dry your laundry outside – and do as much of it as you possibly can while the weather is fine. You should also open your curtains and let the sunlight stream in – this helps to heat your rooms naturally, without turning your heating on.

    Arranging home heating oil bi-annually

    Savvy home owners who care about saving energy and getting a great deal on their home heating oil know that they should order oil in advance to make sure they get the best deal. We track our prices daily, so you’ll always get a competitive price however there are some factors which influence it which are out of our control – so keeping an eye on this yourself is a great habit to get into, as you can swoop when the price is lower, and get a better deal.

    Thermostat control

    Is your thermostat set at the same temperature all year round? If so, here’s a new energy saving habit to get into! Every year, at the start of summer and the start of autumn, make a point of adjusting your thermostat higher or lower by one or two degrees to reflect the changing temperature outside. Your heating might not even need to be on all the time during the warmer months (of course, we can’t rely on this recent good spell of weather to last all summer long) but when it is, you’ll save money by having it set at a lower temperature than it is at present.

    Shopping for energy efficient appliances

    Whether it’s a new washing machine, a new fridge or a new TV when you’re doing your research before making a purchase, check out the energy efficiency rating and buy smart. An A+ rating or higher (they go as far as A+++) means that energy consumption will be minimal, so you won’t spend more than you need to on electrical running costs. Here’s some essential information on energy labels you’ll want to check out.