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    4 reasons why you should upgrade your thermostat today

    Making your home heating go further this season will be a priority for many home owners in Ireland, especially with recent reports claiming that we’re in for a very harsh winter. We all might be tempted to inch the thermostat up by a few extra degrees, but if you’re still using an analogue thermostat to control your heating, you might be missing out on a few key ways to improve your home heating efficiency. Here are 4 reasons why you should upgrade your thermostat today to a digital version.

    1. More reliable equipment

    Older analogue thermostats have little pins or a dial that you move to set the times you want your heating to come on and turn off at. Over time, these can break or get stuck, meaning you have little control over when your heating comes on, unless you pay for it to be repaired or re-calibrated. Having a digital thermostat removes this issue entirely as it has no moving parts and leaves you with a reliable piece of equipment that lasts for years with very little maintenance or intervention required on your part.

    2. Programmable

    One of the key benefits of a digital thermostat is that it can be programmed to very specific times, allowing you much more control over your energy bills and home heating oil usage. Choose to have your heating on an hour before you wake up in the morning so that you wake up to a cosy house, and have it timed to come on half an hour before you get home from work, so that you enjoy coming home to a warm home. You can also program it to be on at different times at the weekend when your schedule is different – it’s a really efficient way to make your home heating work around you and your family.

    3. Saves money

    Controlling your heating more efficiently means you’ll soon see savings in your energy bills too. You can set the thermostat to the correct temperature so that your house maintains a consistent heat, and your heating switches off to conserve home heating oil when it’s reached the correct level. This also has environmental benefits as it reduces the carbon emissions that would normally be created by having your heating switched on for longer than necessary.

    4. Health reasons

    One of the more uncommon yet still important benefits of changing your analogue thermostat for a digital one is that your analogue thermostat contains very high levels of mercury. The mercury is used to monitor the temperature, but isn’t present in digital thermostats. Disposing of your old thermostat carefully is crucial as mercury is a volatile material and can have serious health implications if ingested or inhaled – including harmful effects on the nervous, digestive and immune systems, lungs and kidneys.

    If you’re feeling the chill, maybe it’s time you topped up your home heating oil? Contact us today for a great quote and speedy delivery service.